Job opportunities

General information about employment

Please get acquainted with some general information concerning   job opportunities and  requirements   for   prospective   teachers   at   K&K   School   of   English.

Established in 1991, K&K School of English is a school with experience and a well-deserved reputation. It offers a very wide range of courses for children, young learners, young adults and adults at all levels, from Beginners/A1 to Post-Proficiency/C2. High quality services, reliability and commitment of the members of the school team attract large numbers of students. Consequently, new job opportunities arise with constant regularity. There is  always   a chance for a highly qualified, experienced, responsible and dedicated teacher to  become a member of the staff.

K&K School of English offers full-time and part-time positions including long-term commitments. The candidate should have an M.A. or a B.A. Diploma in English (Polish teachers) or   an M.A. or a B.A. Diploma in English or in any other faculty accompanied by TEFL Certificate or equivalents (native speakers).

K&K School of English offers efficient work organisation, motivating atmosphere, friendly working conditions  as well as competitive salary. For further information, please call at: +48 12 644 78 27; +48 501 463 724; +48 512 227 226 or write to: